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Easter Island Party: Tapati and more

On this small island in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean, festivities are a fundamental part of daily life and a unique opportunity to celebrate the rich culture and traditions of the Rapa Nui people. Get ready for an experience full of joy, music, dance and delicious delicacies!

Hotel Taha Tai in partnership with Maururu travel is proud to offer an intimate look at the local festivities that make life on Rapa Nui. From traditional festivities that honor ancestors to more contemporary celebrations that reflect the diversity and vitality of the community, each holiday is an occasion to celebrate life and the connection with the land and the sea.

One of the most prominent festivities on Rapa Nui is the Tapati Rapa Nui, an annual festival that celebrates the culture, art and history of the Rapa Nui people through a series of exciting events and activities. For two weeks in February, the island comes alive with color with parades, dance contests, sports competitions and craft exhibitions, showcasing the best of local talent and creativity. The history of the Tapati is mysterious and full of supernatural powers, where the strongest men on the island face off in highly complex challenges to become crowned the Ariki, the great king.

Another popular event among locals and visitors is the celebration of the Rapa Nui New Year, known as the Haka Pei. In this unique festival, brave participants slide down the steep slopes of the Maunga Pu’i volcano on wooden sleds, in an exciting race full of adrenaline and excitement. It is an impressive spectacle that leaves everyone breathless and shows the intrepid spirit and determination of the Rapa Nui people.

There are also many more intimate and family occasions to celebrate, such as weddings and birthdays, where music, food and dance take center stage. These celebrations are an opportunity to get together with friends and family, share stories and memories, and celebrate the love and joy that unites us as a community.

For our dear guests, who come from far away in search of new experiences and unforgettable moments, our local festivals are a unique opportunity.
Whether dancing to traditional music, sampling local culinary delights, or simply enjoying the company of friends and loved ones, each party is an experience that will leave you with lasting memories and a heart full of joy.

We take pleasure in offering you an experience that goes beyond the ordinary, every moment is full of excitement and surprises. Our tours will take you to the most fascinating places on the island, where you can discover the magic and mystery of the Rapanui culture in every corner.
Come and join us on this exciting adventure in Rapa Nui, where every day is a party and every moment is an opportunity to celebrate life!