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Dream sunrises and sunsets on Easter Island: A show from Hotel Taha Tai

Dream sunrises and sunsets on Easter Island: A show from Hotel Taha Tai

Today we invite you to embark on a sensory journey through the magical Easter Island, an ancestral territory where nature merges with its mystical history, creating a unique and unforgettable scenario. On this journey, we will focus on a natural spectacle that captivates all who visit Rapa Nui: the contemplation of the sunrise and sunset over the waters of the Pacific.


Easter Island, a privileged window to heaven

Thanks to its privileged location, away from large land masses, Easter Island offers unparalleled panoramic views of the sky. This makes it an ideal place to observe the sunrise and sunset in all their majesty.

Sun and Sea, a celestial dance

Imagine waking up with the first rays of sun caressing your face, while you watch the sky turn vibrant colors ranging from pastel orange to deep violet. The calm sea reflects this celestial spectacle, creating a picture of unmatched beauty.


Sunsets that make you fall in love:

As the sun bids farewell to the day, another magical spectacle takes place. The sky is transformed into a canvas of golden, orange and red tones that merge with the blue of the sea, creating an atmosphere of peace and romanticism.

Enjoy this natural gift from Hotel Taha Tai:

At Hotel Tahatai, we understand the magic that unfolds in these natural events. For this reason, we have designed our terrace with a privileged orientation towards the sea, allowing you to enjoy these shows from the comfort of your room or while you enjoy a delicious breakfast or a romantic dinner.


More than a hotel, a cultural experience:

Hotel Taha Tai offers comfortable accommodation and a strategic location, it also invites you to immerse yourself in the rich Rapa Nui culture. We have tour packages specially designed for our guests, which include special discounts and access to unique experiences.

Exclusive benefits for our guests:

Free transfer airport-hotel-airport: To make your arrival and departure as comfortable as possible.

A welcome drink: For you to enjoy upon arrival.

Beautiful flower necklace upon arrival in Rapa Nui: A symbol of welcome to our culture. 


Come discover the essence of Rapa Nui:

At Hotel Taha Tai, we are happy to welcome you and accompany you on an unforgettable trip to Easter Island. We invite you to discover the magic of its sunrises and sunsets, to immerse yourself in its rich culture and to create memories that you will treasure forever.


Reserve your room today and get ready to live a unique experience at Hotel Taha Tai!